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Employees in DC, MD, VA
Anti-Discrimination Laws 

Whether you work for a private company, a non-profit, or a local government, you are probably protected by local anti-discrimination laws.  Each state in our area has its own anti-discrimination statute, as do many of the local governments, such as the City of Alexandria (Virginia) and Montgomery County (MD).  In most cases, the local laws offer more protections than the federal laws, as well as enhanced remedies.  State and local laws typically also prohibit broader types of discrimination that their federal counterparts.  

Generally, under the federal anti-discrimination laws, an employee or applicant must file a charge of discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission within 180 days.  If the Complainant works in a “deferral jurisdiction,” however, the employee generally may file a charge of discrimination with the EEOC or with the local agency.  You must check your local government to be sure of your deadlines and place of filing.   

The following are agencies of “deferral jurisdictions” where you can file with the EEOC or with your local human-rights agency: D.C. Office of Human Rights, Montgomery County Office of Human Rights, Prince George’s Human Relations Commission, Howard County Office of Human Rights, Arlington County Human Rights Commission, City of Alexandria Office of Human Rights, Fairfax County Human Rights Commission, and more.  

The local laws often protected broader categories of employees, and local governments frequently change the law to protect more people.  You must check with your local government, but many local human rights agencies offer protections to the following categories, even though the federal laws might not:  LGBTQIA, family responsibility, personal appearance, age (18 years or older), matriculation, political affiliation, credit history, and arrest history.  

If you think you are a victim of discrimination, contact the attorneys at ALG for an evaluation.   




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