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About ALG

The Alden Law Group is a nationally recognized employment and labor law firm with a special emphasis in representing employees of the federal government.

ALG offers years of experience in complex employment and labor law matters. We are proud of our creative, practical, cost-effective approaches to our clients' employment and labor situations.

We want what is best for our clients. We are litigators at heart, but our first goal is to resolve our clients’ employment matters swiftly, economically, and confidentially.

Whether our clients need help litigating disputes, negotiating employment contracts, or merely explaining the complexities of our clients’ rights and obligations, we bring years of successful employment and labor law experience to the conference room, the court room and the bargaining table.

Our clients can depend on us to resolve problems, protect their rights and fight for their interests aggressively, effectively and efficiently. Our total commitment to our clients' interests is the key to our success and to the successful outcomes of the hundreds of cases we have handled.

Our accomplished attorneys have devoted their careers to aggressively representing clients in labor and employment matters. We appreciate the importance of providing sound, confidential legal guidance. We understand our clients' concerns for their reputations, their need to protect their future employment prospects, and a desire to achieve discrete and swift results.

Employment and labor law is not just an area of practice for us, as it is at other firms-- it's all we do.

Our attorneys represent a diverse clientèle, including workers, professionals, managers, members of the Senior Executive Service, unions, and federal agencies. We are located in the nation's capital, and our clients are located throughout the country and the world.

We seek to resolve employment and labor disputes at the earliest possible, and most cost- efficient, level. If that is not possible, we are prepared to vigorously represent our clients in all stages of litigation.

Our background spans the broad range of employment and labor matters. We have extensive experience representing unions, Federal employees and agencies in adverse actions, discrimination claims, disability accommodation, whistleblowing, retirement, security clearances, grievances and privacy matters. Our knowledge lets us unravel the red tape of Federal labor and employment rules and regulations. We represent our clients before a myriad of federal and local courts and agencies, including the EEOC, the MSPB, the FLRA, the NLRB, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (which hears federal employee appeals) and other federal trial and appellate courts.

We give advice, representation and training under the many laws applicable to the workplace-the Federal Service Labor-Management Relations Statute, the Americans with Disabilities Act/Rehabilitation Act, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Family Medical Leave Act, and the Whistleblowers Protection Act, to name a few.

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